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Bear Blend Organic Herbal Smoke Blend

Celebrating life through ritual Anthony Bear has walked the path leading up to the launch of his Bear Blend brand of smoke blend his whole life. Born in Ohio, his mother carries Native American blood in her lineage. Some believe the Native Americans were…

October 20, 2015

Blue Lotus Temple

Enter the Sacred Heart Shrine EmBody The Temple Take the drops directly or place them in a vessel of pure water or other sacramental liquid… You can also use as an offering, or to anoint with. This Holy Sacrament, emanating a high frequency, is…

October 20, 2015


Flower Essences are vibrationally infused solutions made from living, organic, wild crafted flowers. These essences carry what is known as an “energetic signature” or vibration of the flower that can be transmitted to the user. This energy or vibration can positively influence imbalances within…

February 3, 2015