Shamanism, Quantum Physics, and Dreaming The World Into Being

Many seemingly paranormal experiences in the non-linear world of Shamanism seem to closely correlate with Quantum physics discoveries. Shamans have been told to appear in multiple locations at the same time by using their luminous “double” bodies, materialize objects out of thin air, shape-shift or become invisible, commune with animal and plant kingdom, perform remote healing, along with countless other mind-bending skills. According to Quantum physics, past and future are not separate, location doesn’t exist, the world only comes into existence once observed, and this thing we call reality is one of many, possibly infinite, parallel dimensions. Stories of Shamans journeying between dimensions have been recorded for centuries. When a Shaman enters a non-ordinary state of consciousness to retrieve information from the spirit worlds, could it be that he or she is able to glimpse into the many parallel dimensions of existence, theorized by Quantum physicists? In the teachings of Shaman Don Juan Matus and the Toltecs, people only perceive a limited view of the multi-dimensional reality we live in, according to their readiness, and level of consciousness. In other words, people only see what they are capable of seeing. The definition of a Shaman is someone who has acquired … Continue reading Shamanism, Quantum Physics, and Dreaming The World Into Being